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OBS Framerates

If there’s anything that might be worth getting right when it comes to streaming your video games, it’s presentation.


When I was in college, I took a pretty fantastic English course.

Brand New Eyes

After years of thinking about it, I FINALLY took the plunge!

Done yet?

I don’t want to gripe, but I’m real done with this pandemic for a lot of reasons.

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I’m a little bit of a keyboard nut. During the week, I spend most of my day sitting at a computer typing on keyboards, so it makes sense to me that I would want to ensure I was using the most comfortable keyboard I could find.


I sat on the porch yesterday. It was sunny and just warm enough to not bundle up in a jacket.

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The Struggle

This is a heavy post. You’re more than welcome to skip it in favor of something more lighthearted in the future.

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Dying to Survive

I’ve had about enough of this pandemic, ya’ll. We talk about this thing every Wednesday on Staring at Goats and initially it was kind of a fun podcast where we researched stuff, and chatted about how we’re doing.

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Good Stew

Below is an excerpt from the short story I wrote for our Horizons anthology called “Good Stew.


I was really hoping to get my Moonlander keyboard today. UPS told me it would be here, only to let me down as the day dragged on.