Wed, Sep 1, 2004 2-minute read

Hey hey hey!! I got a new blog! this is cool. I really hope I can put interesting stuff on here. I don’t have the most exciting life but….I have a GMAIL! That’s currently my point of interest. I’ve been addicted to GMAIL for the past 2 days because I got an address there finally! fulltangninja@gmail.com. It’s just so cool. It’s got all these awesome features and stuff. Man I need something new to get obsessed with. You see, I live in florida and my girlfriend lives in west virginia….this creates a need to occupy my time. I don’t really have anybody to hang around with so I find certain things to get obsessed with so my time goes by quicker and I can see her sooner……well at least make it feel sooner. I’ve been into things like LINUX, the Evil Dead Series, making old DOS games work properly, and other random useless geeky things. By the way, I thought Evil Dead sucked when I first saw it…but the more I think about it, it was genius! It was a complete gore fest, so if you have the slightest weak stomach you might want to pass. It didn’t have the one liners and pure attitute coming from Bruce Campbell that I had expected….or a chainsaw for a hand….but it was cool! I’m gonna rent the second one soon because I"ve realized that it was the bigger remake that had a budget worth talking about. Anyways, This is my blog. Enjoy