What a Day!

Thu, Sep 2, 2004 2-minute read

Man, let me tell you something cool about today. I have been playing with this Blog pretty much since I got home. Its really cool because I’ve been learning all kinds of stuff. But that is not the news of the hour!! I was just gonna let any of you out there know that Kevin Rose of the screen savers is going to be giving out 1000 Gmail addresses on Friday at 8 EST. He’s just gonna post them on his website, www.kevinrose.com , and then let people click all the links. SO!!! If any of you don’t have a Gmail account, get with the program and check it out! If you miss it friday, you can catch it again on Tuesday when he will be giving out 1000+ emails during the screensavers. Speaking of the screensavers. I have to say that I was disappointed tonight because I turned it on expecting to see a new set and co-host, but i guess the G4TechTV schedule was wrong. I thought the website said it was premiering September 1st, but i guess its not. Crap. You guys should leave comments and stuff on here to make me feel SPECIAL! Not that I say much to comment on. That would be nice though…you know…to know people are taking interest in something you are doing. I think I’m gonna play with this BLOG a bit more and customize it to my liking. Its kind of got it going…but alas…it is still a pre-designed template, and I have no cool links or my personality. I did add an AudioBlog…which I will try to do every now and then, just so you people can hear my beautiful voice…..yeeeeeees. Okay well, not much else to say I don’t guess. Check back often. Leave comments. Send Money. Whatever floats your boat! Later! site of the day: www.xbox-scene.com - your source for xbox modding