smokin' cigarettes and watchin' captain kangaroo

Fri, Sep 3, 2004 2-minute read

Man a lot of stuff happened today…or at least I feel like a lot of stuff happened today. It must be this beast of a hurricane that’s inching its way toward florida. The thing looks like its going to consume the STATE and move well into georgia and alabama. But who’s scared of a hurricane named FRANCES…honestly. If it was up to me, i’d be sitting on the roof, sipping margaritas, and singing jimmy buffet….but it’s not really up to me. Chances are I’ll be riding in the car with my parents, heading up to good ol' Alabama to stay with relatives. Anyway…onto happier things. I got Dean’s List at school today! heck yeah! Perfect 4.0. Now thats pretty cool. Not that it was hard to get. I’m in a Networking program, which is something I love, so of course I’m gonna be good at it. C’mon, i’m not being bigheaded. Anyway! There was so much that I had to say during the day and now here I am with nothing to say really. Oh yes! I watched Evil Dead 2 today. Yes I have reached the middle of my journey to see them all…or I guess I’ve really reached the end, because I’ve seen Army of Darkness. But Evil Dead 2 was totally awesome! There was the Chainsaw, and the sawed off shotgun…and yes it made me smile. Bruce Campbell said “groovy” and it immediately shot to the top of my favorite movies list. Well I put a new hard drive in my Xbox today….FINALLY! I’ve been wanting to do it forever and thought the hard drive i was gonna use was broke….it wasn’t. So I have a whopping 15 gigs!!!! (yes, that IS sarcasm). But, you know what, at least I can fit a couple games on it now. It also makes it faster to rip games to my PC, because it doesn’t have to read it off the disc now. Man that was taking forever, but so is this. So i’ve PROBABLY accumulated tons of xbox downtime that I have to make up for, just because i wanted to give my xbox more uptime…if that makes any sense at all. By the way, Yes i do have a modded xbox…just in case there was any confusion. Its super fun. Lots of enhancements! Thanks for checkin out my Blog. Later!


CLARIFICATION: I do not smoke. The subject at the top is from the song “Counting flowers on the wall”. Just to let you know!