I found an interesting commentary just now about the implausibility of having a trash compactor on the Death Star. The guy brings up a lot of good points. yep, this is just for you guys who care at all.
You can check it out here.
I also found this other super cool thing! If you’ve ever wanted to make something out of your old floppy disk, check out this creative art piece. It’s like oragami with plastic.
Make a Starship Enterprise out of a Floppy Disk!! Click Here.


  1. Lando

    That guy does bring up many valid points about the Empire’s trash compacting ways, especially the part about the creature that lives in the trash compactor. But it reminds me of a Cowboy Bebop episode where Spike left a Ganymede Lobster in the refrigerator for a year and it evolved into….something… and started poisoning everybody. I think that might’ve happened with the trash creature too. Some stormtrooper tossed a burrito down the hatch and it just kinda sat there for a while and eventually turned into a thing with a big eye and tentacles to pull people under. You know what burritos are made from….there’s infinite possibilities as to what those things could eventually turn into, given enough time……

  2. Anonymous

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