Hey Everybody! I found some really awesome tools for you Bittorrent users out there. You probably knew about all this and I was just out of the loop but for those who don’t know, here they are!
I found this program called Go Suprnova that lets you browse through (a huge bittorrent site) and download things without going to the site itself. Everybody knows that the place is notorious for being incredibly slow, so this program really speeds up the process. Its awesome.
And for a bittorrent client, I found this thing called Azureus. I haven’t really discovered all its features but it does download files! I have satellite internet and it doesn’t cooperate so well with Bittorrent stuff, but this program seems to work pretty well! Shareaza also makes a pretty decent Bittorrent client as well as P2P file sharing program. Its open-source too which is always a plus.
If any of you out there don’t know what Bittorrent is… google it, because I don’t feel like explaining the whole process. Its really awesome though, and is a heck of a lot more reliable than file sharing. You can find just about anything. It rocks.

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that some bittorrent sites host files that are illegal to download…yeah, just thought i’d say that. Be careful out there.


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