thanks for wasting my time.

Boy has this day been UNEVENTFUL! Here we are in Tallahassee waiting patiently for Frances to come and wipe out everything, then nothing happens! We got a little bit of rain and the power went out last night for a few hours, but thats it! Nothing else! No wind or anything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad nothing happened. I didn’t want anything to happen. But they had us getting all worried for nothing, and they even cancelled a bunch of schools and closed down places for it. My sister is out of school for tomorrow because of this thing, and now its gone and well into Georgia. I didn’t get out of going to school though, that sucks. I got jipped. They even closed FSU and Florida A&M for tomorrow. Lucky fools.
Anyways! We did finally figure out what all the breakers went to in our breaker box. That took some time. We were going to hook up this generator that my dad brought home so we would have power if it went out. We live in the middle of nowhere so we’re on well water. No Power = No water. So we go and get all of that organized and have this 5000W generator sitting outside and don’t even need it. But thats okay!! I’ve been playing xbox all day, which has been fun.
I’ve been playing Ninja Gaiden a lot. Man that game is awesome! Its got the most amazing graphics! well, if you exclude Doom 3.
But anyway! I think I might go back to playing a bit or doing something. Lando’s not on the internet and I need somebody to talk to. I might actually break down and use AIM. I have an account and used to talk on it all the time, but lately it just hasn’t interested me. I wanted to put this new distribution of LInux on my computer but I let my teacher borrow it and he has yet to return it. I might try this Mandrake Linux on it instead. It just takes FOREVER to install. I’m using VMWare’s Virtual Machine to install it on. That way I don’t have to REALLY install it, I just have a program that pretends its a whole new computer. That’s really really cool.
Well I’m done talking now. You guys take it easy!


  1. Lando

    You highlighted Doom 3 orange! Bonus. And despite you trying to sound excited about still being alive, your just don’t come across as being thrilled that your house is still standing or that your not under 6 feet of water. But hey. You’ve been bored in Florida for a while now, so you’ve gotta make up for it some time….just didn’t think you’d look forward to a HURRICANE! >:D

  2. julianafor

    Hey hey hey! I know what you mean! I was with all my survival kit waiting for the tremendous hurricane, and… on the day it was supposed to be 10 miles away… there wasn’t even wind..! And yet they cancelled classes for tuesday at FSU – interesting. Now I have double the homework as if I had classes ;). Still, I am scare that “Ivan” would make me eat my words and use my Survival and First Aid Kit… ahrg….

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