I have some .INFO for you

Hey EVERYBODY! Its me Steve…obviously. I just thought I would post and tell you guys about a little deal that I found. If any of you want a .INFO domain name then you should really check out www.domainsite.com for a free one. They are offering Free .INFO names for a year. I got one, but have yet to figure out how to get it to route to my blog. So If any of you guys are interested and actually get this to work then email me and tell me how.
I just started watching the screen savers LIVE in LA. They finally got their new studio and co-host and everything, and so far its awesome! The new co-host, Alex, seems like a really cool guy and is actually pretty funny. The studio looks great too, everythings blue and stuff. I kind of like their old studio better though because it looked less….Mark Kissler-ish. (you know, Mark Kissler, the imagination station guy). But so far I’m very satisfied with the new show. Maybe it will include the tech that we lost when G4 took over. I hope so. Anyway, you guys take it easy!!

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