Ivan the Terrible

Man was today a good day! I finally beat Ninja Gaiden. I must say that I was totally satisfied with how it all worked out, but I have to say that that game would be impossible without trainers, at least for gamers with my lack of skill. It was frustrating to me and I was INVINCIBLE! Its like you just get knocked down, then get up again (heh heh chumbawumba), then you get knocked down again. It was annoying. But it was also amazing how the city was so huge. You do one part, go through what seems like a totally different world, then you come up right where you were before to do something else. Its amazing how it all ties together. Ninja Gaiden was cool, man. I can play again and have a light saber…its blue-ish green and destroys everything. Plus! Its upgradeable, and I want to upgrade it, but I don’t want to play it through again right now. I wonder what it looks like when its upgraded..hmmm….*ponders*………………..AH! sorry.
Anyway! It looks like Ivan the Terrible is going to rip Florida in half. HONESTLY! Who names a hurricane something like IVAN? It’s almost like its obligated to destroy everything now. hahah, watch it not touch a thing and just be a little gust of wind….then a hurricane named MUFFIN will come along and annihilate the southeast US….yeah that would suck.
I think I might play some Burnout 2. That’s a fun game man, you just drive and crash. And you can race for all you traditional folks. I prefer to charge other cars at breakneck speeds and cause millions of dollars worth of damage….but thats just me.
I put in an application at Blockbuster today. I hope they hire me. I want to work there. It would be totally awesome. I gave it to this guy named Darrell, and usually a guy named Darrell is a nice guy. Darrells tend to be super cool people, so hopefully he’ll say “yeah that guys awesome, hire him” and I’ll get in. groooovy.
This post is too long. Later!!


  1. Lando

    You beat NG. You suck. You and your freakin’ mod chip. I’m definitely gonna have to invest soon. And dvd burners are only abotu $40 – $50 now. So that’d work out real nice.

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