200 gigs of goodness

Sun, Sep 12, 2004 2-minute read

Boy, today was certainly not an interesting day. I didn’t do too much but watch a couple movies and count change. Yes, I was THAT bored. I played some burnout 2 also and that was really fun, then Stephanie called and I talked to her for a while, but other than that, it was a pretty ordinary boring day. Man I need something to do. I’m gonna go tomorrow and see if GameStop is hiring out in Quincy. I really really want to work there. Maybe they’ll be hiring for Christmas sometime soon, and just maybe they’ll hire me. One thing that I did manage to accomplish today was counting all this change that I had in a big Gatorade bottle. I ended up having quite a bit, and then debated on what to spend it on. I could either go and reserve Fable or I could buy a huge 200 gig hard drive. I ended up deciding on the hard drive. Its just a better investment in the long run. I’m gonna put it in my xbox and backup games with it. They just run so much better through the hard drive than off the disc. So fast and beautiful. Well I don’t have much else to say so I’ll just leave todays post at this. By the way, if you want a cheap 200 gig hard drive. Check out the Wester Digital they have at www.tigerdirect.com, its only 89 bucks with rebate. I went with a maxtor from www.outpost.com, they didn’t charge tax for florida and it ended up being a better deal because it didn’t have rebates but was cheap at the same time. No rebates is nice. So check out those deals! Later! Also here’s a fun thing for the day: Star Wars Paper Models here!