Hey everybody! Looks like a hurricane is gonna blow us away…again. Yep, Ivan has taken a turn straight for Tallahassee and its huge. I think we ARE going to evacutate to Alabama even though there is no mandatory evacuation. We just think it would be less stupid that way. Chances are that it’s going to hit South Alabama just as hard but at least we’ll be in my aunt’s basement, so that’ll be good.
On a much lighter note, I learned the coolest news today. Okay its not really news, its a rumor, but a rumor that announces some sweeeeet software! There is this comany called Transative that has developed a software to make everything able to run on any system with any processor. Its rumored right now that these people will be working on backward compatibility for Xbox 2, which is awesome! Micro$oft is currently shipping Xbox 2 development kits with PowerPC architecture, which is weird because PowerPC is an Apple thing. Strange…Micro$oft using Apple architecture. It’s almost like they are admitting it has better graphics processing. Now THAT is awesome. But the Xbox thing isn’t the real news. Its the software called Quicktransit that lets you run Windows software on a PowerPC system, no matter what software it is. The company demoed the program using a Linux based Quake 3 running on a PowerMac, and nobody could really tell a difference! AHH! I’m so excited haha. Its just that I’m a Mac and PC user and I would love to have the ability to move some of my PC programs to my Mac without the use of a Virtual PC. That would be so cool. Anyway, thats the big news for today. I thought it was cool. LATER!

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