save betamax!

Fri, Sep 17, 2004 2-minute read

Hey! I have some really important news out there for anyone who uses a tape recorder, VCR, DVD-R, TiVo, iPod or anything else of that sort. It seems that our good buddies the Movie and Record Industry are once again trying to shut out any chance of us ever enjoying technology. There are currently people from the INDUSTRY (as it will be called) lobbying for congress to remove these priveledges. Check out this article from

The Betamax ruling is the only thing that protects your right to own a VCR, tape recorder, CD-burner, DVD-burner, iPod, or TiVo. It’s that important. But new legislation that’s being pushed through the Senate by lobbyists for the music and movie industries would override the Betamax decision and create a huge liability for any business that makes products which can copy sound or video. This legislation (formerly known as the INDUCE Act) would essentially give Hollywood veto power over a huge range of new technologies. And if they get this power, they’ll definitely use it. Even “compromise” drafts from the Copyright Office could make mp3-playing iPods ancient history; the music and movie industries want to force all content to go through their own restricted channels.

Crazy isn’t it! I can’t believe that they are actually trying to make this happen. It really really sucks. I’m not giving up my recording stuff. It’s way too useful. I dont' think it will happen anyway but the thought of them even trying is unnerving. They’ve already taken away our P2P sharing priveledges and now they are after our perfectly legal Video and Sound Recorders. Crap.

UPDATE You guys have got to check out! It’s the coolest place I have ever been too. They pretty much fight for everything that is independent music. Its great! Check it out!