Okay, so it wasn’t enough for LucasArts to go and cancel Full Throttle 2, Sam and Max 2, and crush the hopes and dreams of adventure gamers every, but good ol’ George had to go and ruin Star Wars too. What is the matter with this guy!?! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I don’t understand why all of his movies seem to REQUIRE ridiculous amounts of CG. I long for the day when people actually start getting creative with physical props and settings and stop just saying, “oh its okay, we’ll fix it in post production with CG”. Come On! Honestly, why did he have to go and throw Episode II Anakin into The Return of the Jedi. I almost want to just boycott the whole freakin’ company now. Thats so messed up.
You know, while we’re at it, we might as well go and make a computer generated old version of Ewan McGregor to replace old Ben Kenobi! Or why not just fire Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels and just use CG droids instead. If he keeps going with this Computer Generated Garbage then one day, all we’ll see is people against blue screens. I for one, thought that the old Star Wars trilogy was perfect, even before the special editions. It was amazing for its time, and it is still amazing for the time we are in now. The story was perfect, the characters were dynamic, and the settings were extremely creative, but now we have plastic characters, fake background, and computer graphics anywhere they can put them.
I will not be buying the Star Wars trilogy DVDs. I would have loved to just have enhanced video and sound. They didn’t need anymore additions. ESPECIALLY A YOUNG ANAKIN! It should be the way it was. Thanks George, for taking your movies from the top of my list to very near the bottom.
Sorry about all the flames. I’m just a devoted Star Wars fan letting off a little steam. Later.


  1. Lando

    The old Star Wars trilogy was perfect. They didn’t need to make a special edition and they didn’t need to add all those stupid scenes. One or two of them….the ones that integrated good and didn’t ruin anything were ok (I can actually only think of one scene). But alllll the rest were crap.

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