Murphy’s Law

“Whatever can go wrong, will” – Murphy’s Law
That seems to be the case with Florida at the moment! It seems that these hurricanes will never ever ever ever stop coming at us! Yesterday we fled to Alabama to stay at my aunt and uncle’s house and that wasn’t so bad. It was all a waste of time though because once again nothing really bad happened here. I think Tallahassee might have been hit pretty hard, but we live outside Tallahassee so we didn’t get hit so bad. There were some twigs and stuff laying all over the yard, but no real damage.
My dad finally got his horses down here so we really left because of them. We figured it would be best to get them out of there should a tree fall down or something. So up to Alabama we went. I’m glad the horses are here though because it’s kind of cool looking outside and seeing them out there wondering around.
Man, I’m crazy bored now. I think I’m gonna play some Fable and feed my addiction a little more haha. I was thinking the other day, which is something that I do every now and then, and I decided that Fable would be awesome as an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game, for those of you out of the loop). It has awesome online potential. Imagine all these heroes running around doing quests and trying to beat out each other for the top spot in the heroes guild and stuff. Man it would be so awesome. You could have the ability to open stores or be a travelling trader. It would be cool because the engine for the game is so cool. I would love to see an online game pretty much exactly like Fable. The guys at Lionhead studios should really look into that because I guarantee you it would sell with some online play. It would be great. Fable Online….yeah I like it.
But anyway, I guess I’m gonna go play some of it. I’m being a good guy this time around and I’m turning into one killer sniper with my arrows. I can take down some of the weaker enemies with 1 good shot to the head. Its cool because their head spins around and flies off then blood shoots out of their neck…..yeah its graphic, but its neat! WOO! Later!


  1. Lando

    Fable originally was going to be online…..back when it was still Project Ego and before they took out everything. That’s one reason it was so hyped to begin with; because it was going to be online. Maybe they’ll fix that in Fable 1.5, but then I’d slowly slip away from reality.

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