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The Control Panel upgrade for the Xecuter 3 Posted by Hello

I saw this online at xbox-scene today and my heart skipped a beat…okay I’m being dramatic, but nevertheless this is really really cool! Its a replacement for the front panel of your xbox to go along with the Xecuter 3 mod chip to be released next week. I would be crazy excited for this chip…but I have one already, and my lack of soldering skills makes me a little nervous about just getting a new one.
This panel looks totally cool though! Its got an LCD screen to show you all kinds of cool stuff and then buttons to change banks, turn the modchip on and off, and put it in protected and unprotected modes. Its like a suped up version of the external switch that comes on the chips now.
If you’ve never thought about modding your xbox, maybe its something you should consider. Its really cool to have backups of your games on the hard drive, a media center, and DVD playback without that $30 dongle you have to buy. Its awesome. It basically unleashes the power that the xbox really has. Micro$oft just didn’t allow you to get to all the features…but thanks to those smart reverse engineering folks, we have lots of fun ways around it. Anyway, I thought that was interesting, but I’m tired. Good night!!


  1. Lando

    Oh how I wish I had money or a job that brings in money so I could buy a modchip…although I dunno if I wanna mess around with soldering. I’d end up frying the mobo I think.

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