Punk Rawk Show

man, I have been listening to the most killer cd ever for the past few days. I’m pretty much stuck on this MXPX AT THE SHOW cd. Its mxpx’s live album, in case you don’t know. Its awesome. It’s fast and the energy never stops and it makes me want to play guitar. You should all go out and buy it right now. I’ve been listening to it on the way to school and to the theatre. It’s really good if you want to get all hyper… or at least it works for me. It’s very energizing. But anyways! If any of you out there need a guitarist for a punk rock band…let me know. I want to play music again. I miss it. But anyway! You guys take it easy, I’m gonna head out. I have to go to the theatre again tonight and Stephanie’s gonna call soon. Take it easy!!


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