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I believe my room is a fire hazard. I have WAY too many electronic things plugged in and running all the time. I now have a surged protector plugged into a surge protector plugged into a surge protector. Is that safe? One of those is the kind that plugs into the wall and then the other two are like the power strip kind. Oh well. Its been like this for a while and nothing bad has happened. I tend to turn my monitors off at night now though, mostly because it saves power, but also because I’m a little nervous over my setup.
Well onto much brighter news. I was picking around on my mac today and decided to make use of my Virtual PC program that I….acquired…yeah. Anyway! Its a cool thing! I now have Windows XP running on my Mac inside OS X. I thought it would be simpler to use shareaza and use the drag and drop feature to move songs I download onto my mac. There are no good P2P programs for mac right now. Or there are, but none up to par with my expectations of what a P2P program should be. That’s right, you guys go out and download stuff…every song is a kick in the face to those money grubbing record executives. Go for it. Support indie rock. www.downhillbattle.org
Okay, enough of the soap box. I used to buy cd’s too but they cost too much. 10 bucks or less and I’ll buy it. Maybe 12 bucks if its something I really really want. iTunes is pretty good but no cd inserts. I like iTunes though. good prices. okay now onto other things.
I was browsing PureVolume.com today and found quite a few really really cool bands. Starting with Tyler Read, man they are awesome. If you like indie emo rock stuff, then you will love this band. I’m totally stuck on them right now. Go to purevolume and check them out. I swear you’ll like them…unless you are like lando, and want to hear some hardcore songs about things other than love and broken hearts. But the music is awesome. Also check out Hawthorne Heights. They are really really good. They only have a couple songs to listen to though, but they are really awesome. I need a new adjective. RAD. Those bands are RAD. okay better now. And last but not least, good ol’ Michael Tener’s band, Every Other Tuesday. Those guys are really good. Plus its awesome that I know the lead guitarist hahah. They can pretty much appeal to anyone so go listen.
Also download firefox! Its great! Later!
Get Firefox!

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