hey did you hear…

Woo! Man I learned something quite humorous today! Stephanie called me and told me that her mom went to our old high school today to pick up Stephanie’s yearbook and one of the secretaries there asked her, “So are you having 2 weddings?” and stephanie’s mom was all like “WHAT?” hahahahah! oh man! Apparently somebody got bored and decided to tell someone at school that me and stephanie, as well as Lando and Ashley, are engaged. Now that, my friends, is completely not true! I just got the biggest kick out of that. Some people just don’t have anything better to do. I don’t even half talk to people from there anymore and they still go telling rumors about me…yes yes, I guess legendary status does have its consequences. But anyway, I thought some of you might find that funny.
I’ve been listening to this band JamisonParker a lot. They are really good. You guys really need to check them out. I guess I haven’t had much to mess around with on my computers so I’ve been getting back into music, which is awesome. I hate to say it, but playing guitar is just so boring when you’ve got nobody to play it with. I used to write songs and poetry and play guitar, but mostly because I would be able to share it with others. But I don’t really hang out with anybody and I’m not in a band that plays anywhere so what’s the point. But oh well!
I went over to Karl’s house today to play Star Wars: Battlefront. Its kind of like Battlefield 1942 but based in the Star Wars universe and with way better graphics. Online play is really fun too. Karl has Xbox Live so we played online. It was really cool.
Well I guess that’s about it. I’ve got to go to the theatre again tonight. That’ll be fun. My mom’s bringing home KFC…heck yeah!! I love those mashed potatoes! Later!

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