just like christmas

Man I woke up this morning and had the coooolest surprise ever! My dad came back from WV today and brought with him so many awesome computer parts! It’s great! Okay, well they aren’t that awesome because most of them are really old but thats okay! He brought about 8 mice, 2 ethernet cards, 2 modem cards, 2 sound cards, a cd burner, a zip drive, and a few power cables. Its great! He also brought another computer and said that it didn’t have all it needed. But I looked in it and the only thing it was missing was the power supply…which I already had! So I’m all like heck yeah! I’m installing linux on the new PC so I can finally use it and play with it and stuff. I want to learn linux so this is a super exciting thing for me. It really isn’t a bad computer either. It’s just like the one I gave Stephanie, as far as the case and stuff goes. So needless to say I am a happy camper right now. I can’t wait to get linux up and running. This is gonna be awesome!
Well tonight is my last NIGHT at the theatre. I still have a matinee to go to tomorrow which should be cool. I don’t much like the idea of ending the run of the show on a matinee, and I don’t believe that the actors do either but that’s okay. This has been really fun and I’d like to do it again, but definitely not right away. It’s been quite a lot of driving and stuff, and I need to get a job really bad. I might be able to work with the computer guy at my school doing workstudy which will be awesome.
I changed my schedule for school the other day and now it looks like I’m going to graduate in the fall next year! I’m too excited. I’m gonna start taking these afternoon classes for my general education courses. Its Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday fromj 1:15 to 3:15. I won’t get home until 4 o’clock on those days but its okay because I’ll be done with my Biology, Speech and Literature. It’s 8 months of that though. But whatever, I don’t care. I just want to be done so I can get a job and never have to think about college again. Later!


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