The Sims 2 and Pure Volume

Man, I have been jamming to some awesome music this morning at school. I’ve been listening to Name Taken, The Starting Line (new songs), and Capitol Speedway. This has been a nice morning hahaha! These new Starting Line songs are awesome, and it says they are rough cuts of it, which is surprising because they sound so awesome! I love that band. You guys should really just go and browse around its a wonderful place, especially for emo, punk, and indie rock. There’ s a lot of hardcore stuff to there LANDO. You should check it out.
I’ve been listening to good ol’ Michael Tener’s band’s cd too. Check them out here. My dad got a copy of it from Michael’s brother-in-law who works with him. He brought it home and I love it. Its really really good. Its got a lot of mellow stuff on there but its got some rock too. I want to see them live so bad, but I live in florida and its sucks. Well it doesn’t totally suck becuase Name Taken and Senses Fail are playing down here next monday. I’m thinking about going. I really should. It’s at a bar though and I don’t know if I can get in. I probably can, seeing as the guys in Name Taken are under 21… but then again, they are in the band. I don’t know we’ll see.
Man, The Sims 2 is the best game ever…okay not the BEST game buts its definitely a huge improvement from the last sims game. I’m having too much fun with it. The customization options are awesome. Its like now they actually promote customization and make it super easy. I know that before they offered customization but now they have a built in program to extract the skins so you can edit them in Photoshop and stuff. You don’t have to go searching through the directories to find what you are looking for. And they save the radio stations and tv and stuff in your “my documents” folder to make it even easier to get too. Its awesome. I’m gonna get addicted to this game. I can see it now. It’s weird because somehow you get emotionally attached to your sims because they seem pretty real…its like you actually care when they get promoted and have kids and stuff. I guess becuase you know they are going to die at some point. That’s the best part though, because you can carry your family through generations and generations. Its awesome. Well I’ll stop typing now. You guys have a good one! Later!


  1. Anonymous

    You better go to that concert. Places up here just mark both of your hands with a sharpie. So, you have no excuse…go.

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