It’s been a while

Man, It’s been a few days since I’ve posted on here. I guess it’s because I didn’t really have much to say. I haven’t been doing much but hanging around and playing The Sims 2, which I urge all of you to check out. I’m all obsessed with my family hahaha. It’s so cool! It’s funny because if you make your sims after people you actually know then you get all attached to them and actually care about what happens. That sounds a little obsessive, but play it and you’ll see. Children in that game are crazy though, especially if you end up with twins. It’s like all the sudden your stats drop to nothing and you can’t get them back up again because of the kids. Anyway, enough of this imaginary world.
There was a job fair at school today. It’s this thing where a bunch of companies come in and show off what they are about and take your resumes and job applications and stuff. Its neat. I got to see a few companies that might hire some IT people. It was neat. There wasn’t anything that really excited me, but I did get to see a few companies that I didn’t even know existed and see what they were about. I got a lot of information on them too. Its funny because hardly anybody there knew what Networking and Securities Management was. One woman thought that we were security guards hahah. She went into explaining what company they do security through til Allen finally stopped her and told her what we were.
I’m sitting here watching Edward Scissorhands. I love this movie. I love Tim Burton. His style is just so awesome! It’s all swirly and stuff. Big Fish is one of my favorite movies ever. He makes me want to make movies, but I can’t because I’m not creative enough to write one. I would love to direct a movie though because that would just be really cool. I used to like to direct little movies that me and my friends did, but its not like serious movie making. If anybody wants to make a killer movie, let me know, becuase I would be totally into working on it. Well I don’t have anything else to say so I’ll let you guys go, not that I was holding you here in the first place, but you guys go do something….outside…with friends. I’ll be here. Later!

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