Good Charlotte surprised me…

Man I have been listening to some awesome music these last few days, hence the lack of posts. I have to say first of all that I am extremely pleased with the new Good Charlotte CD. I absolutely hated their last album. It was way too poppy and it just wasn’t that great of a cd in my opinion. I loved their first one however and I listened to it for weeks….now I think they may have done it again. The songs on this new album just seem so much deeper or something. They seem to have really gone out on a limb with their experimentation. For example, the first track is totally instrumental with japanese singing. It seriously is like Danny Elfman and a bunch of Japanese people got together to make a song. Its really great. Yes the cd has its shortcomings, like the way to hip hop “I Just Wanna Live”, but I am very excited about this cd. Its great, pick it up.
Now onto Senses Fail, they have one excellent cd. I wasn’t so sure about it after downloading a few songs but I evidently didn’t download the right ones. The album is amazing. Its got the perfect amount of angry and emo. Its awesome. I don’t really know much else to say about this one because I’ve been listening to my others so much. But its awesome.
Jimmy Eat World has amazed me once again and reminded me what it’s like to love music. Their new cd is amazing. Its got the catchiness of “Jimmy Eat World”, the emotion of “Clarity”, and, at times, the intesity of “Static Prevails”. I’m totally obsessed with this cd. If you want to hear one of my favorites, download “Kill”…its the best song ever. It’s about heartbreak, I like songs about heartbreak. I love it when people pour out their souls in songs. That’s why I love all this emo stuff, because it’s somebody willing to be honest about how they are feeling and willingly share it with the world. Emotion is the most amazing thing that human’s possess, but its something we try to hide so often, its like a breath of fresh air for people just to put themselves out there.
In other news, I hope I get a job at Gamestop. They are hiring and I’m going by there tomorrow to give my application to the manager. I’m skipping the first part of school to go and try to get a job. I think that is a legitamate excuse. Anyways, that’s my post for today. You guys take it easy! Later!

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