Man, let me tell you something about this new Sum 41 cd. I’m all crazy impressed with it. The coolest thing is that it’s not so much pop-punk anymore…it’s gone all metal and stuff. I love it though because it really seems to fit them way better. All the guitar is all hardcore and they do a lot of pull-offs and some wicked riffs. Its really really good. You guys should check it out. It’s got a lot of songs on it too. It just seems like a more … use a cliche term…mature. I guess going to the Congo and avoiding gunfire will do that to a band. So yeah, sum 41 “Chuck”…its good. By the way, the album title is the name of the UN representative who led them around the Congo and stuff. I just thought that was cool.
Well I put in an application at Gamestop and the dude said they were hiring. I really really really need this job. I think I’m gonna call them today and see if they’ve looked at my application. To me calling seems a little obsessive, but everybody is telling me that it is necessary to get a job. I suppose I’ll do it today. I hope the manager’s there. I hate calling people on the phone. Its dumb. Well I hate calling businesses and stuff on the phone. I like calling Lando and Stephanie. They’re cool. Other people just aren’t cool. Well, that’s all I have to say about that (HECK YEAH FORREST GUMP ROCKS!)

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