groovy writing contest

Yes, I realize I posted only moments ago but this was irrelevant to that topic…..and I simply forgot about it until now. ANYWAY!
There’s this writing thing going on that I just learned about and I’m all excited. I know everybody who actually READS the blogger news with know about it, but I am still going to express my excitement. Its a Blog-Your-Novel contest…or not really contest but just a fun thing you can join in. You make a blog and use it to write a 50,000 word novel within 30 days. It starts on November 1st and you start writing. Its awesome! I doubt I will be able to manage this feet seeing as I’ve only reached 10,000 words and its taken me almost a month and a half. But if any of you have a story that you want to write, do it here! It’ll be fun. I’ll read it. Lando’s a good writer…Lando should write a story. He’s got mad skillz….yes I said mad skillz. later!


  1. Lando

    50,000 words is a lot. A whole lot. Ashley could do it…but not me. I’d forget what I was doing and start playing Xbox or watching the walls.

  2. Steph

    Hey!^_^ You should try the writing thing. You’ve got creativeness oozing out your pores. Ok, so that sounded gross, but I really think you should try it! Love you.

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