one killer costume

Oh man!! So I recently found out that I am going to West Virginia to be with Stephanie at this ever so awesome halloween party she is planning with Lando and Ashley. Its gonna be so awesome. Tons of people are going and stuff so we’re gonna have a blast. I didn’t think I was gonna be able to go and then my mom all the sudden says “yeah you can go”, mostly becuase I was pining over Stephanie the night before haha. She decided I needed to see her….I decided that a loooong time ago but I guess these thing take time to sink in.
Now I’ve got the cooolest costume and its all coming together. I’m going as Ash from Army of Darkness, hence the picture. I’ve already got the shirt and pants. I picked those up from wal-mart tonight. I’ve ripped the shirt using notorious accuracy, except for the missing half of the shirt on Ash, because I just can’t walk around like that at a party. So I ripped it with really close accuracy, because I’m all obsessive like that. And I got some brown pants, so I’m gonna go throw all that in the dirt so it looks like I’ve been fighting deadites like crazy. I put some fake blood I got from Spencer’s all over the shirt. Its awesome. That fake blood works great. It’s just called Blood in a Bottle. Its awesome because it’s got the perfect thickness and color. It even dries brown-ish like real blood. Its great!
All I have to do now is get my chainsaw and BOOMSTICK together. That should be fun. I think I’m gonna make the chainsaw out of a shoebox and some other random cardboard pieces. This is gonna be so aweome. Well Its late and I need to go to bed. I just had to ramble about this. I’m having a hard time containing all my excitement. I’m going to this play at the theatre tomorrow and I don’t really want to go, but I think Cathy got me tickets. Oh well, I suppose I’ll survive. But I would rather be home working on my costume. I don’t have much time left. Well you guys take it easy!
“good…bad….I’m the guy with the gun”


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