Oh man oh man!! I’m finally here! Chillin in good ol’ WV. I love this place haha. It is quite cold up here though. It was funny because on the way up you just notice that the trees are suddenly not green anymore, then a little farther on, they start not having leaves on them at all! WHOA BOY! We got out at Virginia and I could see my breath. I didn’t realize it was that cold up here but thats okay. As long as I’m up here with Stephanie and all my friends. This is good stuff. I”m so pumped about this halloween party. Its gonna be so awesome. Looks like we won’t be watching all the Evil Dead trilogy though as planned, because Blockbuster didn’t have it. Which figures. I knew they wouldn’t if we waited to late to get it. That makes sense. People love Evil Dead on Halloween man. Its pretty cool stuff.
The trip up here was a good one. We ended up stopping a little outside of Charlotte and stayed at this really nice Comfort Inn. It was great because they only had one room left and it was the honeymoon suite hahahah. We got it for the same price as a regular room. It was awesome! They just called it a suite but I knew better. It had a fireplace and a huge bed. Plus a couch and a kitchenette! It was very nice. Then we had a gross continental breakfast but thats okay!
Well I’m gonna stop rambling. I dropped Stephanie off at school not long ago and I haven’t taken a shower yet…groooss. But thats okay! Because I’m going to right now!! WOO!

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