one novel coming right up

hey everybody! Man did I have one groove-tastic weekend. The halloween party was kickin’ and my costume was everything I ever wanted it to be. Check out Lando’s Pics!We had so much fun man. It was great. I met so many super cool people and now I finally know who Stephanie, Lando, and Ashley hang out with on Tuesdays at Amtgard. They were all awesome. Man I wish I was up there sometimes. But thats okay!! I’m good, I live in Florida and I’m doing just fine. I just hate Biology.
Well I’ve decided to take a shot at writing a novel. Its National Novel Writing Month now and I feel like I should write something. Just because I have a knack for writing and I think I might could write something half interesting. I’m going to give it a shot. I’m sure it won’t be a masterpiece to start out with but its a rough sketch of what could be a killer story. I’m at school write now but when I get home I plan to sit on my couch, make good friends with my somewhat neglected laptop, and do my best to ignore the calls of Burnout 3 from my xbox. That will prove most difficult since Burnout 3 is the BEST racing game ever created. You guys have a good one! Later



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