the drama of 7th heaven

Man I really wish I could stop watching this show. I swear its like a soap opera…you know…they pull you in and then you just can’t stop watching. Its weird. If I turn the tv on and see 7th heaven, I can’t stop watching it. Oh well, I guess I can just deal with it. Whenever I get stuck on watching the Gilmore Girls, I’ll shoot myself. Gotta love ABC Family!
I really wish I wasn’t sick. I’m really tired of this cold because I want to write a story. I think I might start writing it tonight though because I’m feeling a lot better today. This cold has moved from my throat, to my upper throat, and has found a good home in my sinus cavity. My nose is stuffed up and my ears are all clogged.
My Novell class is really cool! I was ready for Novell to be really boring but it’s turned out to be really neat. Its got all kinds of groovy features and stuff. It’s funny because Micro$oft’s Active Directory is exactly like Novell’s eDirectory.
You know what? I’m realizing that this post is becoming very boring and I feel like I’m straining to write something. I’ll post again later when I have something more to say. YEAH MAN!


  1. Lando

    Dude….you really are turning into a grandpa. It’s bad enough that you and Stephanie just sit around and do nothing all the time, but now you’re starting to watch ABC Family. >__

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