TiVo is my best friend

Ahhh…the warm and fuzzy feelings Posted by Hello

Man we just got this awesome TiVo box from DirecTV. I’m lovin this thing! Its so cool just to pause and rewind and fast forward all your favorite shows. I don’t have to worry about missing any episodes of the screen savers ever again!! Its so great man. It even records stuff that I don’t tell it to record. It recorded The Rundown for us and we didn’t even tell it to. I wanted to see that movie anyway so it all works out. It even has this “Save to VCR” feature that automatically has it play the movie and the VCR records it. The coolest thing is you don’t have to watch the show as it plays. You can record up to 2 things simultaneously! So you can have one movie playing so your VCR sees it and watch a totally different show. Its awesome!! I swear I’m gonna get stuck on this thing and not be able to live without it. Its in the living room and that sucks because I have to go in there to watch Episodes of the screen savers I may have missed. But thats okay, I’m learning to share hahah. Another cool thing is that we can SLOW tv. The control has a Slo-Mo button so you can watch something and then rewind it and watch it again in Slo-Mo!! Man I can’t wait for a skateboard show on ESPN haha! No missed Football, no missing great movies, I can record Regis and Kelly and watch it in the afternoon! or…yeah..umm….nevermind that one.
On another note, I love APPLE! I was just reading on their website about a problem with the 15 inch Powerbook G4s having a screen problem causing white spots showing up on the LCD. I thought it was something that I did and I would have those annoying white spots forever. But Apple is gonna replace it for me for free! I called them and told them about it and they said they’ll fix it! I’m gonna wait 3 weeks before I send it in though because they said right now there is a 20 day turn-around time and I don’t want to be without my laptop that long. That would suck. So I’ll wait 3 weeks and then have a turn-around time of about 6 days. Which is way better. Well I’m gonna make my sister go with me to see The Incredibles (and the Ep. III trailer that runs in front of it..heck yeah!) and perhaps play Doom3 for a while. You guys be cool!!


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