I’m a frustrated creationist

It’s so crazy that I’ve been thinking a lot about creationism vs. evolutionism for the last week and then all the sudden there comes up a Yahoo! News Article about his very thing!! I must say that I believe whole-heartedly in Creationism and that God created the Universe and everything in it. It makes sense to me and evolution does not.
I have been taking a Biology class for a while and there is a lot of Evolution discussion and I’m very frustrated because I do not believe Evolution as FACT. It’s called the Theory of Evolution, because it is a theory! I don’t believe that these people who put the stickers on the science books are wrong because they didn’t say anything about religion. They aren’t pressing their faith on anyone. They just want to let people know that Evolution is not fact, therefore should be looked at open-mindedly.
Okay thats my Soap Box for today. I’m gonna go buy a WWJD bracelet pretty soon…I need all the help I can get in a room full of Agnostics and Atheists. I’m pretty sure I’m the only Christian in the room. So I’m gonna try my best to SHINE! Later!


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