blessed be the tabbed browsing

If you don’t use FireFox then you are a fool!!! thank you.

OH boy! Man I am just all into the xbox-scene right now. I just saw some WICKED pictures of the new front panel designed for the Xecuter 3 modchip. Its so awesome. Its got 2 USB ports, a huge LCD screen, and all these pretty buttons. The Xecuter 3 has some awesome features. I do believe that I will be getting this chip for christmas. Mostly because my Xecuter 2.3b Lite+ keeps sliding off the d0 point everytime I move it. That kind of sucks because the box looks like its gonna boot and then nothing happens and I get the infamous FRAG (Flashing red and green) error. Thats no good, that gives me bad feelings. LOTS of soldering is involved though, but I’ll figure it out I suppose. Look at this Tutorial for it! Someone teach me how to solder. That would be fun. So yeah, check it out!
Anyway, I have nothing important to say I don’t guess. I’m sick of biology class already. Its so repetitive and I hate cells and enzymes and energy. I’m glad I’m just naturally a good test taker and stuff. I really can’t stand this crap but I can somehow manage to get A’s and stuff in it.
I need to play a video game. I don’t have Halo 2, nor xbox live and I find myself being incredibly bored. Burnout 3 is fun, but its just not as fun by yourself as it is with others. I’m not an “alone” gamer, I’m a community gamer. I enjoy gaming around others, not by myself. I figure that this is why I somehow cannot enjoy playing Doom 3, its the alone-ness of it all. I do however love to play adventure games by myself because they have story. I want Sam and Max 2 dag nabbit. The team that made Sam and Max 1 left Lucasarts and are planning on possibly continuing the discontinued Sam and Max 2. Bless those little game designers. Lucasarts sucks, they did the right thing. Later!


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