R.I.P. Foo and Crew

Today I have heard the most devastating news…..The Screen Savers is dead. There is nothing left but Kevin and Sarah, and yes they are wonderful, but without Dan, Yoshi and Alex…all is lost. I can’t believe G4 is doing all this crap. They are officially changing the name to just G4 in January and it seems their little gaming channel will be coming back and leaving us geeks in the dust. Alex brought so much funny to the show. If we couldn’t have Patrick, I do believe Alex was a worthy replacement. And Dan…how can you not have Dan!! He’s the Foo man! It just doesn’t work without Dan. Yoshi is the best freakin modder in the world and they just let him go! How can they do this! I hate G4 and all their gaming crap. They have the worst shows and here they are getting rid of the best of TechTV. It won’t be long before TechTV is gone for good, and we are left without The Screen Savers. I love that show. This is just wrong in so many ways. Just so wrong. You’d think that the management at G4 would know when people are upset. I think they are doing this on purpose so people stop watching the show so they are justified in cancelling it. They already canceled unscrewed. MARTIN SARGENT is GONE! gone forever! Only to show up writing articles in obscure magazines! How can they do this to such awesome people. BRING BACK THE OLD TSS CREW MAN! ahh….I have nothing left to say.

UPDATE: Apparently G4 is planning to mix together the crappy show PULSE with The Screen Savers and still call it the Screen Savers. I swear if they put those stupid hosts from Pulse on my show I’ll never watch it again. I hate those guys…..uggh

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