blogsurfing is not fun

I was just taking a chance to click my Next Blog button and see what everybody else in the world had to share, and I decided to never click it again! I ran into so many blogs with a ton of ridiculous scripts and what not! Its awful! It’s bad enough that half of them were hot pink, they had pop up dialogue boxes saying things such was “welcome to my kewl site” and “thanx for visiting”, it was a terrible experience. I doubt that we’ll be able to read in 50 years becuase everybody will be typing this stupid shorthand crap. I wish these pre-teen girls would realize that NOBODY LIKES READING THAT GARBAGE! I like to read in real english, where words are written like they are meant to be! Not substituted with numbers and random symbols!
Oh well, I just had to let the world know my feelings haha. I’m sure many of those blogs had very interesting things to say but I couldn’t read it without getting a headache from the clashing colors and the I-chat-on-instant-messanger-way-too-much shorthand.
One thing that blogger should also have is a way to filter out the foriegn blogs from that “next blog” button. I don’t know how many chinese, portugese, and spanish blogs I came across. Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now. Later!

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