Halo 2 and groovy blog stuff

Man I had some fun yesterday buddy! I finally got to play some online Halo 2! It was really cool! I got to play against Lando, who lives in West Virginia, which was awesome because we always played halo back in the day. Needless to say he annihilated me. I did get a few good kills in there though. I can’t play Halo 2 at home because…well for one I don’t own it, and I don’t have fast internet. Which sucks because I would love to play against friends that I never get to see unless I take the long, boring journey up north. We did have a blast though. Holding 2 different guns just kicks.
And I also found some killer blog stuff after a visit from Arthur! Who has an awesome blog by the way, so visit it in my links. There I found this thing called BlogExplosion and it has changed my blogging experience because you can actually find people who have interesting stories to tell and don’t have to sort through dozens of annoying pre-teen blogs. Its really cool, so you guys should get in on it. I have a link on the right to go to it. JOIN! Its crazy awesome.
I’m gonna have to start going to other blogs more often because you can find so much! Thank you Arthur for opening my eyes to the world that is Blog Explosion.


  1. Arthur

    Hey man, don’t mention it. BE is definitely better for surfing good blogs. I’m not sure how I feel yet about the traffic that comes through though. Most people just stay for their 30 secs, and head out w/out reading anything. Oh well, it’s worth it just for the better browsing factor. Anyways, talk to ya later man.

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