today was a good day

Man I tell you what, I have had one fine day! Okay so it wasn’t super awesome and I didn’t do much at all but I’m officially addicted to blogsurfing. Who knew that so many people had that many interesting things to say? I find myself staying on each blog way longer than the required 30 seconds to get points. Actually, the points don’t really matter to me because I’m totally enjoying finding other people’s blogs, especially since most of them are really well developed. I wish I was that good at web design.
Thanks to some links I found this Haloscan thing that adds different comments and a trackback, not that I fully understand trackback (if you know please leave a comment explaining it to me). At least I get a cool pop-up window for comments. It really annoys me that it shows up UNDER the horizontal line for the post it belongs to. It should show up right under the post. I’m gonna figure that out at some point. It just isn’t right.
I don’t think I did so well on my Biology test today, not well at all. It was really hard! I was surprised because the last quiz we got was totally easy so I figured the tests would be the same way…I was mistaken. Apparently, I either didn’t study enough, or the teacher didn’t teach it very well. I think it as the latter, but thats just to relieve me of the responsiblity of my not studying so well haha.
I have to take my A+ exam (thats computer stuff for you non-geek folk) on Wednesday so I’ve got some hardcore studying to do for that. I’m all nervous because it costs quite a sum of money to take the exam to begin with and I really don’t want to fail. I’m really good with computers and hands on stuff, but on paper it just all leaves my brain. Could any of you guys say what files are required to boot Windows 98? I can name like 3, but apparently there are several. I’ve been taking the practice test, and I’ve been passing, but there are some trick questions on there that will get you. I serioiusly underestimated the A+ exam. People told me it was a piece of cake, and it is, but not if you don’t study for it.
Well! I don’t have much else to say, you guys take it easy! Later!


  1. Arthur

    Hey Steve, what’s up? Hey, I’ve got my Haloscan set at the top of my posts. I kinda like it there. Anyways, you can check it out and if you like it, I can tell you how to set it up. It’s not at the bottom like the blogger comments, but it’s better than being on the wrong post.

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