a+ exams

Well tomorrow is the day that I shall be taking the a+ exam and getting a piece of paper that says I know something about computers. I don’t really need a piece of paper to verify that but apparently businesses like to know that you have it. So tomorrow I shall venture into the library at school, pay way more money than anyone should have to for a test, and sit down to answer a slew of questions about the innards of a computer. I think I’m gonna do good because I’ve passed the practice test everytime I’ve taken it now and those are probably what is gonna be on the test. Hopefully I’ll do okay.
Man, I think I’m addicted to Smallville now. Superman is so awesome and I guess Clark Kent can be cool too before he becomes a big nerdy journalist. The show just has a really cool edge because he’s always saving the day, but he can’t tell anybody about it. It’s all about the emotional ups and downs that he goes through and its so cool. People end up being so mad at him because he didn’t show up for this, or he was late for that…but little did they know that he was probably off saving the world. Its crazy stuff! He can’t fly yet…or at least he doesn’t know it. Thats pretty cool though, at least he still has laser vision and stuff.
Well I guess I’m going to go hang around and read something because I have to wait a bit longer to talk to Stephanie because she went to a movie and won’t be home til later. I seriously don’t think I could live without her. The thought of going through one day without a phone call from her is just really depressing. I hate living this far away from all my friends, especially around the holidays because I can’t share in it with them. Yeah, sure I have acquaintances here but nobody that I really want to go to the mall or something with. Which is why I plan to move back to WV after I graduate. I love those people too much to stay this far away. Who wouldn’t want to be with their best friends? I would be stupid not to want that. Later.

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