the screen savers update

well I was cruising around the net today when I stumbled across kevin rose’s website and found out the truth about the screen savers. Kevin is no longer hosting and they have picked up the guy from Arena and Pulse to host the show along with the Chinese girl Chi-Lan. Yeah so Chi-Lan isn’t super annoying but the guy from Pulse is. I can only pray that the show is as entertaining as it once was. Kevin has decided to go back to writing content for the show and letting other people hose. I don’t like it at all. I want Alex back already man, that guy was so cool. I’m glad I now have something else to fill up my 7 o’clock TV spot….Smallville!! Yes I will probably TiVo the new episode of the screen savers as I watch Smallville, that way I will be able to fast forward through the crappy stuff….like all the points where the new guy talks. He’s extremely annoying. The Screen Savers has lost all of its cool.

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