Month: December 2004

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal

Right now, I am wearing the coolest hat that I have EVER recieved for Christmas. It is THE Indiana Jones fedora! Its so freakin’ cool! So many of you may find this a dorky thing to excited over but I have loved Indiana Jones ever since I was a small boy (as I’m sure most of the males reading this can relate to). I have wanted a hat like this since I was four years old, and finally, at the age of nineteen, I have this super cool hat! It’s all professionally made too! It’s even got teflon stain resistant stuff! And it’s got Indiana Jones embroidered on the inside band! That means that everything just beads up on it and doesn’t get absorbed! Its so awesome, I’m gonna wear it everywhere.

I also got some sweet maroon chucks (thats Converse All Stars to you folks out of the loop). I’ve desperately needed some new shoes since I ripped my other ones trying to put them on. Yep, I’m stupid. But they made it this far and now they can be replaced by these sweeeeet MAROON ones. They almost look purple in certain like but I assure you that they ARE maroon.

If any of you have seen Office Space then you will surely understand my excitement over getting the all too awesome RED STAPLER! Now I’ve always thought this stapler was orange, but apparently its red, or Red-Orange. Its just not pure Red so I refuse to call it that woohoo!
Yeah but anyways, I just had to share my hat and stapler with somebody because they are just so awesome hahah!!

But anyway, I need to go to bed because my family is making the trip to Alabama tomorrow to spend Christmas with more family. Merry Christmas you guys, and don’t forget the real reason we celebrate. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of presents and stuff, but remember that this is the day that our Lord and Savior was born, and He’s the greatest gift to be thankful for this holiday. LATER!

drowning lessons

Well I am finally off for Christmas break now! WOO! I could not be happier right now. I just needed a good long break. It’s not like my classes are too hard or anything but it just gets so monotonous. I think I did good in all my classes. Maybe I didn’t get an A in Biology but who DOES get an A in biology, Honestly.

I’m in a mood where I just want to be in a band. I’ve been listening to all kinds of good music and it makes me want to be in a band so bad. It’s ridiculous. I could sit here and play guitar all day and never come up with something as cool as me, Patti, and Jason used to come up with. I just can’t work by myself. I do have those rare times when I just happen to stumble across something really cool but I can’t ever remember it and it usually doesn’t sound good a few days later. I don’t know what happens but it just doesn’t work out. Someone play guitar with me.

I got My Chemical Romance’s old cd and its pretty good. I think their new one is better, which is rare for most bands, but it just seems cleaner. Now don’t get me wrong, I love most band’s first cd’s better than their newer ones, but these guys just seemed to get better with age. It’s really not that bad though. There is a riff in this song called “Drowning Lessons” that just caught me by surprise and had me hooked. Its awesome. You guys should listen to Hawthorne Heights too. They are really really good.

Anyway, You guys take it easy. Enjoy your Christmas, Hannakuh (I totally forgot how to spell it just now), and Kwanzaa. My posts might be a little farther apart for the next couple weeks, I’m dealing with ridiculously slow internet and I have no school internet to take advantage of. But you guys stay cool!

am i missing?

I’ve been listening to my Dashboard Confessional cd’s lately. I love that band.
I passed my A+ yesterday man! I’m totally A+ certified now, and I’m all excited because now when I tell people about a compute they are supposed to listen! yeah man! My parents took me out to pizza hut last night to celebrate my success, and I had the greatest pizza ever. I don’t know what it is about those little personal pan pizzas but they taste way better than the big ones. Plus they can fill you up pretty quick if you eat one of those and some breadsticks. When I went to the Dominican Republic, I ordered a the personal pan pizza and 5 breadsticks and I swear it was the best meal that I have ever eaten. I would give anything if the pizza huts here would make food like they did there. The breadsticks actually had that garlic-ish stuff on them, unlike our breadsticks where everybody has to be all stingy with it.
I decided to put Red Hat 9 on my computer at home because Suse was just way too bubbly or something. I like bubbly but it was BIG and bubbly, and thats just wrong. So I got Red Hat put on there because its all small and clean and nice. I’m really getting used to all this Linux stuff and its slowly becoming more appealing than windows. If only I could get the blasted internet to run faster on it at home. I have satellite internet so it runs slow anyway but it runs particularly slow with Linux.
Anyway, you guys stay cool! I’m gonna play around with Linux now.

whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

Hey hey hey! I just got back from taking the trash to the dump and on my way back I had the priveledge of hearing this country song “Whiskey for my men, Beer for my horses” haha! Man that’s a cool song. Yes its true, I LIKE country. I guess it comes from just growing up around it in Alabama and Georgia. Its not everyday you find a guy who likes punk rock, emo, AND country. Okay, so its not my favorite music but I do have to listen to it every now and then or I have withdrawals. It takes me back to the good ol’ days.
I’m really getting used to Linux now and I almost prefer it to Windows. I guess it’s mostly because I feel smart when I use it and it is a danger to Micro$oft. I really don’t like corporate giants. I’ve learned that almost anything you can do with Windows, you can do with Linux. The only drawback to using Linux is that there aren’t many big games for it. Its sad because it’s such a cool Operating System.
I take my second A+ exam tomorrow and I’m totally gonna pass it. I’m so confident in this one it’s ridiculous! I shall be A+ Certified as of 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. I’m thinking that next month I’ll take my Linux+ exam because I love this stuff and I’m learning it really well. It just sticks with me. I am one of those rare people that actually likes command line and scripting and programming. Well thats enough for the geeky conversation today.
By the way, check out Life in the Shadows today because he has a great post on Ebaum’s World. I spent a good 3 hours there today playing games and stuff. I’m officially addicted now. Thanks Arthur hahah. Later!

TiVo without a TiVo??

Plastic Bugs has an awesome article today about how to use the internet to record your favorite shows ALMOST like a Tivo! Apparently some people have resorted to throwing out their cable and their Tivo because this solution is so effective! If I had fast internet I’d be all over this. All you need is Azureus (the BEST open source bittorrent client) and this plugin for it called RSS Importer. You just set it up with the search criteria you want (i.e. SeaLab 2021) and then it will automatically download the torrent when it becomes available. Isn’t that awesome!?! You guys should check out this site for the tutorial. The internet is a beautiful thing.

xbox live bans!!

Team Xecuter has an update on how big bad Micro$oft is banning you kind modding folks from xbox live. Good news is, you don’t have to do too much crap to keep from getting kicked off.

We think its safe to say that the recent crop of XBL bans have come about by M$ collecting your eeprom data including your HDD serial number / key when you sign up to Xbox Live for the first time – this is what’s known as the “Marriage Theory”.

So basically if you upgrade your hard drive after signing up to XBL your account will get fried. We feel there is no “drive scanning” taking place so dont be paranoid about where you are storing your files.

Solution?: Upgrade your hard drive BEFORE signing up to the XBL service.

Better Solution?: Hacking the firmware of the upgraded hard drive to have the same serial number / key as your stock hard drive.

So don’t go hacking with your EEPROM when you are doing all this modding. Just put the hard drive in there and go! Later.

I have officially pwned POP2

I just destroyed Prince of Persia 2! This game bows to me now! WOO HA! I swear that game had the coooooolest story and stuff ever. It was all twisty and turny and the gameplay was freakin’ awesome! The battles were crazy hard though, which got frustrating but it was awesome. I didn’t like this game as much as the first game to begin with, but it grew on me really fast and I’ve loved it ever since. Oh boy! I hear that Jerry Bruckheimer (producer of Pirates of the Caribbean and Armageddon) is looking to make a Prince of Persia movie. Man that would just be awesome. I hope anyways. Most video game to movie translations just don’t work, but if it’s in the hands of Jerry Bruckheimer then it has possibilities. OH BOY! Well catch you guys later. I have nothing left to say.


If you’re a 007 fan, you know where that headline came from.
I have successfully got past I was stuck at in Prince of Persia 2!! I’m so happy that the walkthroughs were incomplete and I was forced to struggle through it myself. It just takes some patience sometimes. I refuse to go to a walkthrough ever again throughout this game. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself hahah. Yes I’m that serious!
On another way off topic note, apparently Laptops can cause fertility problems among males. NOW THAT IS CRAZY!!! Who would’ve thought. Apparently it heats you up….you know….there, causing really really bad conditions for producing…..the little guys. It’s very interesting to know that, and I’m glad I found this out before I spent more time than I have chilling with my LAPtop. They should start calling them TABLEtops to discourage the lap computing before someone gets hurt hahah. I guess it doesn’t bother females which is cool, so you guys go on sitting on the couch typing away. I just thought that was interesting! You guys take it easy!