Man, I’m kind of bored, and I wish blogger ran a wee bit faster.
Anyway, Last night I found out the most devastating news…..Smallville won’t be back on TV until December 27. Another reason for me to dread the Holiday season. Don’t get me wrong, because I love Christmas. Sometimes I just wish it wasn’t so commercialized and more people thought of Jesus. That’s just me. Plus I can’t stand Christmas music at all…it drives me nuts. But I am NOT a Scrooge. I love the family and the Jesus…just not that the focus is on toys and what not.
You know, I wouldn’t mind that Smallville wasn’t coming on if it had happened a month ago, because a month ago I still had The Screen Savers to turn too at 7 pm. Now I have nothing. This show really is awful. I want it to grow on me but there is no audience and it totally lost all of it’s energy. I don’t care how much tech news you have, if there is no energy then there is no show. It just sucks.
I am really loving this Linux class. I’m learning so many commands and stuff. I’m really trying to make myself use it because I want to learn how it all works through experience as well as a book. I’m actually using Suse Linux 9.1 right now. It’s a brand new kernel and everything. Kernel 2.6.4 I think. For those of you who don’t know what a Kernel is…it is basically the core of an operating system. It’s what makes all the stuff happen when you click all those buttons. Or something like that, if I said that wrong then correct me but that makes sense to me. You guys should try out Linux because it really is cool.
Well I guess I’ll go….do…..something. I’m so bored man, somebody save me. Screen Savers Sucks. I vote for an Alex Albrecht show hahah. He was just fun man. Or we could vote for a Leo and Pat show because they were THE best. Or we can just sit back and let the world spin its corrupt little web of bad tv. Later.

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