nice to hear a familiar voice

If you go to Joey the Intern’s site, the intern from Unscrewed, you can download an audio clip from Leo Laporte’s radio show talking about the downfall of TechTV and a very interesting new technology called IPTV. There is also a bunch of other info on G4TechTV, like a very intersting letter from Fresh Gear’s Becky Worley. I like her now haha.
I was once told that in the next decade or so, everything will flow from the internet. Including software, tv, phones, everything! The whole internet software thing makes me nervous. Imagine opening a web browser and entering an IP address all to use Micro$oft Word. You would buy a license for it rather than the product itself. I don’t like it. It would give M$ too much control in my opinion. I want to have a CD with MY software on MY hard drive. None of this web browser crap. It really does look like everything could be flowing in that direction with the VoIP, MSNTV, and the Online Gaming……some of us can’t do that…blasted satellite connection…but yeah! Technology’s crazy. Later!

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