Prince of Persia 2

Well, I was officially the first person in Tallahassee to rent Prince of Persia: Warrior Within…and no I’m not exaggerating. They hadn’t even put the game out on shelves at blockbuster but the guy gave it to me and said I was the first person to rent the game. I felt all cool.
My first impressions of the game are…well….just wow. Its very different from the first, so different that it almost looks like a totally different game. I was totally offended to find that the prince now has a gritty voice and is incredibly angry. I would be angry too if death had been chasing me for the last few years though. So I don’t blame him for that. It’s a lot harder this time around too. The enemies are crazy hard to fight and it seems that your health bar virtually disappears in a matter of a few hits. I’m a very hack-and-slash gamer, which means I hate blocking because I feel that it wastes time…the thing is, you have to block or you die in this game. I’m kind of impatient so blocking annoys me, but if I don’t block, I die…..Block or Die, thats the game. He does still have all his swinging and jumping moves plus a few more. It’s borderline frustrating though because of the great raise in difficulty. I like it though, its just dark and angry and bloody and rated M. Oh well, what game isn’t these days.
On another note, I saw THE FUNNIEST STRONG BAD EMAIL EVER today. Me and Karl watched it in class and died laughing. Its so great, go watch it now. It’s called Virus. Its beautiful. Later!

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