The Truth

It appears that several people want to know why exactly I have a spare xbox controller port. Well, I am about to tell you the sad truth of it all.

A few months ago, I purchased the xecuter 2.3B lite+ modchip. I was so happy to recieve it in the mail and go home to put it in my xbox and “unleash the power”. I took my xbox apart, got the modchip in and had it running and it was perfect. I was using the EvolutionX dashboard and just having a blast. Now, I moved my xbox a little and it would no longer boot! I was devasted!!
After this, I decided to take it apart and wiggle the chip around a little to line it up with the d0 point, which is the point that routes the the BIOS to the chip. The thing about the d0 point is that it is very small and very fragile. If you mess with it too much you can scratch the point and render your xbox completely useless. Sadly, this was my fate.
I was ready to shoot myself for my stupidity. I was over confidient in my abilities to work with electronics and I payed the price for it. So I quickly ran to the nearest pawn shop and purchased a new xbox for a low price. It was good! I would be back in business and none of my friends, LANDO, would have to know. Yes, I’ve chosen to hide this fact from my closest friend because I knew he would never let me live it down.
I put the chip in the new xbox and was ready to play, only to find out that the DVD-ROM drive in this new xbox was half broken. It wouldn’t load the game until about 5 tries, and once it got going it read the DVD wrong, and certain things wouldn’t happen. Like in Spider-Man 2, it wouldn’t go from day to night, it just stayed day a long time. So I took the DVD-ROM out of my broken xbox and put it in the new one, and I was BACK IN BUSINESS!

Yep, that’s the story of why I have spare xbox parts. It’s kind of cool though because I got to see the processor and practice soldering on the motherboard. It seriously is just a PC in a cool box with controllers. I’ve decided to get somebody else to put in my new chip, the Xecuter 3. They say it is the most feature-rich, powerful chip created so far. I ordered it yesterday and as soon as they release the new control panel, I’ll be all over that too. Well you guys take it easy. Later!

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