doom 3 hates me

I bet a lot of you are thinking “boy he sure does play doom 3 alot” considering the many posts I have with doom 3 in them. However, I don’t play doom 3 at all and that is why I choose to write about it. I’ve decided that it hates me, because I went through all that trouble to make a usb xbox controller thing and doom 3 doesn’t support gamepads. I breathed in solder fumes and burnt myself dozens of times so I could use an xbox controller on it and then it doesn’t support gamepads. Someone at id software should be shot for allowing the game to come out without some sort of gamepad support. Okay, I understand that all you gaming purists out there believe that you MUST play pc shooters with a mouse and keyboard, but I am not a gaming purist! If I want to use a gamepad, I should be able to use a gampad without having to resort to some random open-source program for keyboard to gamepad emulation! I noticed that there are a lot of you out there because on one message board some kid requested a program that would allow him to use a gamepad for FPS’s on pc, and the poor kid was flamed like he just insulted their mothers! I don’t get it.
Anyway, thats my rant for the day. By the way, if any of you do know of a good way of playing doom 3 with a gamepad please let me know. Blasted id software. I bet Half-Life 2 has gamepad support. I want that game so bad man. It looks freakin amazing.

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