I want to be a pirate!!

Man, its a been a couple days since I’ve posted. I guess I’m slackin off a bit. I have the best news! I passed my A+ Core Exam today! I got a 575 out of 900….which isn’t the best but I passed nonetheless, so I’m all excited about that. I take the OS portion of the exam next wednesday. I’m sure I’ll do fine. This one wasn’t all that hard, except for the stuff about the SCSI drives and Printers. I never knew that a printer could be so blasted complicating!
Anyway, not much has happened these past couple days, hence the lack of posting. I am all excited about drawing comics to post on this blog. I’ve decided to just do different styles though. One day you might see a quick “Someone does something” comic or a one cell funny thing. I don’t know. It just all depends on what I feel like drawing. I drew a comic in high school once that brought tons of controversy and almost got taken away, and I’m thinking about recreating that comic in pen on good paper so it doesn’t corrode into nothing. I might post that, it’s about my school catching on fire…its clever hahah. Well maybe its not that clever because nobody would get it unless they went to my high school…hmmmm.
I played Prince of Persia some more today and I think I’ve been glitched and I’m frustrated because the door won’t open and I’m hitting the button. I don’t know where on earth I’m supposed to go. I went to a walkthrough….yes I had to…and none of them were finished to the point that I’m at. I hate resorting to walkthroughs. It’s the adventure gamer in me that refuses to do it. I play games like the Monkey Island series and Grim Fandango, and those are games that no self-respecting gamer would resort to a walkthrough for….so I have to get out of that mood and just do it or I’ll never find out if this is a glitch or not. This game seriously does have a buttload of glitches in it. Companies should stop putting out crap just so people will buy it for Christmas because most of the time they ship it will tons of problems.
I’m listening to the Super Salamander EP by me and patrick. I love this cd. It’s so beautiful hahahah. Patti, whenever you have access to a cd burner would you burn me Jason’s cd so I can have it. They were really good. Just whenever you have a chance. I might find a way to post some of these songs so you guys can hear them. They really aren’t bad…especially “bass is too sexy” which was a hidden track but somehow has become really popular on Berea College’s campus hahaha. Oh well!
Well I’m done talking now. Catch you guys later!

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