If you’re a 007 fan, you know where that headline came from.
I have successfully got past I was stuck at in Prince of Persia 2!! I’m so happy that the walkthroughs were incomplete and I was forced to struggle through it myself. It just takes some patience sometimes. I refuse to go to a walkthrough ever again throughout this game. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself hahah. Yes I’m that serious!
On another way off topic note, apparently Laptops can cause fertility problems among males. NOW THAT IS CRAZY!!! Who would’ve thought. Apparently it heats you up….you know….there, causing really really bad conditions for producing…..the little guys. It’s very interesting to know that, and I’m glad I found this out before I spent more time than I have chilling with my LAPtop. They should start calling them TABLEtops to discourage the lap computing before someone gets hurt hahah. I guess it doesn’t bother females which is cool, so you guys go on sitting on the couch typing away. I just thought that was interesting! You guys take it easy!

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