I have officially pwned POP2

I just destroyed Prince of Persia 2! This game bows to me now! WOO HA! I swear that game had the coooooolest story and stuff ever. It was all twisty and turny and the gameplay was freakin’ awesome! The battles were crazy hard though, which got frustrating but it was awesome. I didn’t like this game as much as the first game to begin with, but it grew on me really fast and I’ve loved it ever since. Oh boy! I hear that Jerry Bruckheimer (producer of Pirates of the Caribbean and Armageddon) is looking to make a Prince of Persia movie. Man that would just be awesome. I hope anyways. Most video game to movie translations just don’t work, but if it’s in the hands of Jerry Bruckheimer then it has possibilities. OH BOY! Well catch you guys later. I have nothing left to say.

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