xbox live bans!!

Team Xecuter has an update on how big bad Micro$oft is banning you kind modding folks from xbox live. Good news is, you don’t have to do too much crap to keep from getting kicked off.

We think its safe to say that the recent crop of XBL bans have come about by M$ collecting your eeprom data including your HDD serial number / key when you sign up to Xbox Live for the first time – this is what’s known as the “Marriage Theory”.

So basically if you upgrade your hard drive after signing up to XBL your account will get fried. We feel there is no “drive scanning” taking place so dont be paranoid about where you are storing your files.

Solution?: Upgrade your hard drive BEFORE signing up to the XBL service.

Better Solution?: Hacking the firmware of the upgraded hard drive to have the same serial number / key as your stock hard drive.

So don’t go hacking with your EEPROM when you are doing all this modding. Just put the hard drive in there and go! Later.

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