am i missing?

I’ve been listening to my Dashboard Confessional cd’s lately. I love that band.
I passed my A+ yesterday man! I’m totally A+ certified now, and I’m all excited because now when I tell people about a compute they are supposed to listen! yeah man! My parents took me out to pizza hut last night to celebrate my success, and I had the greatest pizza ever. I don’t know what it is about those little personal pan pizzas but they taste way better than the big ones. Plus they can fill you up pretty quick if you eat one of those and some breadsticks. When I went to the Dominican Republic, I ordered a the personal pan pizza and 5 breadsticks and I swear it was the best meal that I have ever eaten. I would give anything if the pizza huts here would make food like they did there. The breadsticks actually had that garlic-ish stuff on them, unlike our breadsticks where everybody has to be all stingy with it.
I decided to put Red Hat 9 on my computer at home because Suse was just way too bubbly or something. I like bubbly but it was BIG and bubbly, and thats just wrong. So I got Red Hat put on there because its all small and clean and nice. I’m really getting used to all this Linux stuff and its slowly becoming more appealing than windows. If only I could get the blasted internet to run faster on it at home. I have satellite internet so it runs slow anyway but it runs particularly slow with Linux.
Anyway, you guys stay cool! I’m gonna play around with Linux now.

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