Merry Christmas ya filthy animal

Sat, Dec 25, 2004 2-minute read

Right now, I am wearing the coolest hat that I have EVER recieved for Christmas. It is THE Indiana Jones fedora! Its so freakin' cool! So many of you may find this a dorky thing to excited over but I have loved Indiana Jones ever since I was a small boy (as I’m sure most of the males reading this can relate to). I have wanted a hat like this since I was four years old, and finally, at the age of nineteen, I have this super cool hat! It’s all professionally made too! It’s even got teflon stain resistant stuff! And it’s got Indiana Jones embroidered on the inside band! That means that everything just beads up on it and doesn’t get absorbed! Its so awesome, I’m gonna wear it everywhere.

I also got some sweet maroon chucks (thats Converse All Stars to you folks out of the loop). I’ve desperately needed some new shoes since I ripped my other ones trying to put them on. Yep, I’m stupid. But they made it this far and now they can be replaced by these sweeeeet MAROON ones. They almost look purple in certain like but I assure you that they ARE maroon.

If any of you have seen Office Space then you will surely understand my excitement over getting the all too awesome RED STAPLER! Now I’ve always thought this stapler was orange, but apparently its red, or Red-Orange. Its just not pure Red so I refuse to call it that woohoo! Yeah but anyways, I just had to share my hat and stapler with somebody because they are just so awesome hahah!!

But anyway, I need to go to bed because my family is making the trip to Alabama tomorrow to spend Christmas with more family. Merry Christmas you guys, and don’t forget the real reason we celebrate. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of presents and stuff, but remember that this is the day that our Lord and Savior was born, and He’s the greatest gift to be thankful for this holiday. LATER!