I’m trying out this email post thing that blogger has because the
website moves WAY too slow, especially on my internet at home.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of posts over these lasts few days. Well
nevermind, I’m not sorry. I’ve been crazy happy because Stephanie’s
been down here and we’ve been having a blast. I’m on a desperate
search for some fabric because me, Lando, and Stephanie are all
dressing up for the Star Wars Episode III premiere in May. Yes, I know
its nerdy and completely juvenile but who cares!! Its freakin’ Star
Wars Man! So yeah, I’m gonna be a jedi and I need some brown Flannel.
The real Robes are made of Wool but thats really hot so flannel is my
next best bet

So we’ve been having an awesome time. I’ve taken her to eat at a bunch
of places because that’s about all there is to do down here sometimes,
especially this time of year. We ate at this Mexican restaurant in
Blountstown called El Jalisco. It’s all crazy because its the one
place that you can eat 3 tacos and not get indigestion! I don’t know
what it is about there food but it doesn’t leave a nasty taste in your
mouth or anything. Its soooo very good.

We’ve ridden horses, went to the state gardens, and watched most of
the Star Wars original trilogy on DVD. The quality on them is amazing
and I am officially over the whole “George Lucas ruins everything”
deal. They are still awesome movies. I swear it looks like they were
filmed yesterday. Its awesome. I haven’t had a chance to watch my
Clerks 10th Anniversary addition but I will at some point! I love
Kevin Smith.

I guess that’s all I have to say about that. Stephanie leaves in two
days…I’m sad. But thats okay!! You guys be cool!

UPDATE: This blasted email thing didn’t work so I had to post this through Blogger’s site. If a copy of this post shows up later, then it worked….with a really long delay.

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